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The human brain is wired in such a way that it won’t allow you to take steps that might hurt you. We fear, sometimes a lot. Fear of taking a decision and sticking to it, a responsibility, a relationship, and our dreams. We fear almost everything. And the greatest of all is the fear of death.

So did I rappelling down the gorge in the Valley of Shadows. I still remember the night before the actual rappelling experience. I was clouded by negative thoughts that bogged me down, making me nervous all the while till I stepped into the harness. I clearly remember the scene right in front of my eyes while I posed for this picture. I was fastened tight with belay ropes around my waist and my guide told me to take my hands off the rope and pose for a picture. I was hesitant at first – everyone would have been considering the situation. But the fact that I was thoroughly harnessed gave me the mental toughness to combat my fear.


Taking a deep breath, I suspended myself, just with the support of ropes. And during that moment, is when I realized that all the while I had been thinking about the fear – fear of something that might hurt me. But that fear was just temporary, it lasted till the moment I freed myself from the thoughts that clogged me.

Oftentimes, we get paralyzed by the sheer size of the fear that we have to overcome in order to reach our goal. The better way to proceed when faced with such a fear is to deconstruct things. You have to break it down into small actionable steps, which allows you to tackle the problem. By breaking things down into bite-sized pieces, you allow yourself to make progress.

Life is certain to punch you in the face at some point in your life.
The important part is how you react to it.

– Karthik
Place: Konkankada, Samrad Village
Trek: Sandhan Valley
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