The Whispering Winds| The Scribbled Writings


For me, traveling is an art. I tie up the laces of my shoes and a dramatic journey begins. I feel the current run through me, with accelerated heartbeats​ supplementing the art. My mind reaches an unreachable world. It happened again that day.

Post meeting fellow explorers at Kasara, trek guides Amit and Mahesh guided our itinerary to the base village of Samrad. A 40 km journey by Jeep took us nearly 2.5 hours, however, we reached the destination well before time. After replenishing our dry throats with the pure waters of Samrad, Amit took us for a small hike. His anxious footsteps were crystal clear about the wonder we were about to witness.

A one-kilometer hike and we reached the hillock – Konkankada. I had previously heard about Konkankada as a sightseeing for “reverse waterfall” during monsoon. Everyone was intrigued by the beauty of nature and rest of the time was spent capturing those beautiful ranges for infinite times to cherish. So did I, to fill the empty pages of my life with something irretrievable. I assumed myself lucky to witness such a beautiful landscape.
The sun with its setting rays shed its hues over the mountain caps cooling the massive Sahyadris. Immersed​ in the beauty of the picturesque, I took a moment to scrutinize the height of the valley. It was way too deep. 1200 feet, Amit pointed, with his hands fluttering in the reverse wind that blew skyward. The breeze sent shivers down my spine as my mind drifted in taking a leap from the hilltop. I took my steps backward, settled comfortably to the ground experiencing the tranquility that Sahyadris brought me.

– Karthik
Place: Konkankada, Samrad village
Trek: Sandhan Valley

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