Smile, I’ll Fall For You

She carried magic in her eyes,
With gleamy eyes, I’m sure they weren’t a pair of lies.
Every single time they gleamed on me,
My encapsulated soul was set free.
Every single strand of her hair I touched,
Emotions and warmth flowed beyond measure, too much.
Like a pebble, I tripped on you,
Fell like a kid, bruised just to be loved by you.
Gawking at your unnerving smile,
Gave that ounce of breath, to keep me alive.
We watched the raindrops race down the mirror,
Traced our fingers, drew the infinity of love together.
She was the warmth in the cold trembling night,
With her blanket of arms, waiting to be cuddled with all my might.
Our eyes struck a chord together,
My heart was not in the chest any further.
It was right on the curve of her lips,
With every flashing tooth, ah it was bliss!
 – Karthik 


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8 thoughts on “Smile, I’ll Fall For You

  1. Now those are some really good words there mate! Looking forward to amazing sonnets in the future. Keep up the good work:)


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