Reach Out For You, Even In The Dark | The Scribbled Writings

I know you are heavy hearted,
That is yearning to be placated.
Beneath those pair of eyes,
Lies a reason for incessant cries.
Of someone very dear,
And every road I take towards you is unclear.
Bombarded by your thought,
Im lost in an entangled knot.
Sometimes you have a bad day,
Don’t you know such moments hardly stay?
There are moments I think you’ve changed,
Giving me feelings of you being estranged. 
Losing you gives me a fear of shrill,
Deep within my heart I feel ill.
Without giving any negative vibes,
I shut my eyes, taking me back to our good old times.
I know you’ve been struggling hard,
But don’t you worry, I’ll reach out for your hand, even in the dark.
– Karthik

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  1. Bela Khanse says:

    This is beautiful Karthik…..

    Liked by 1 person

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