Not Lost | The Scribbled Writings


Everytime the distance grew,
I knew it was not new.

With every growing mile,
I felt like life in exile.

Closing my eyes, I traveled oceans,
And I plugged into the waves of emotions.

Emotions when your cheeks brushed against mine,                           

With your voice whisper in my earlobe, sending a chill to the spine.

As distance parted us away from each other,
And with every increasing mile, the love just grew deeper.

As time passed, the universe unfolded.
Our stories of affection and aspiration moulded.

And to my dry chapped lips,
You healed them with your kiss.

In the loneliness struggle,
Your arms were the only cuddle.

I am not lost.
I am in my state of tranquility,
With you forever.

– Karthik

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