Pedal Forward, One revolution a Time | The Scribbled Writings

Sometimes I fear,
Making me shed a tear.
Thinking about my life,
I know it’s a long strife.
Gripped in the fear of my destiny,
Ah, it’s not just my story, but of many.
I fear failure ending up in closed doors and uncharted paths,
Is it the same even in your heart?
Words choke me up, when someone ask,
How’s life?, With a smile I mask,
The true emotions,
That resemble a motionless ocean.
I fear of falling down.
In an endless pit with no ground.
With mixed emotions of happiness and sorrow,
Is this feeling just for today or a visitor for tomorrow?
When the last brightest star in the night sky disappear,
Engulfed in the dark I hear.
My own inner voice with a small quiver,
Words of optimism and inspiration so clear.
Telling me to pedal ahead pushing forward,
one revolution a time and keep fighting onward.
And with time, the crisscross roads will unwind,
Taking you closer to  your dreams that you see in your mind.
– Karthik
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