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In life, there are moments so severe, so absolute, in our workplace or in personal relationships that you can’t be in the limelight of every single good thing that you aim to do. You can’t have the credit of the thought which you might have triggered to someone / for something. At times, you have to be the person behind the stage, on tiptoes, managing every single act of the play literally at the snap of your cue. It’s good to let go off certain extols and kudos. Because that is what life is all about, being generous and giving others the podium of opportunities and exaltation for good work.

Do we ever appreciate the stubbornness of a root or the sturdiness of a stem/branch of trees/plants in that matter? No, right?

All we do, is lose ourselves in the fragrance or the beauty of the flowers and dive into the luscious taste of the fruits, don’t we? However, if we look closely, we find that the roots, stems, branches, and leaves are equally important as we compliment the beauty of flowers, which is portrayed in its color, and fragrance.

Displaying Sometimes be a root, n...

I mused over a similar philosophical thought as I was editing this picture, slyly smiling on how I shot this picture. I actually wanted to take a better shot of the wild pink flowers that grew on the fodder. But due to the heavy swaying of the wind which was beyond my control, there were a couple of unsuccessful frames where the pink flowers were blurred out in the background. I tried holding the fodder, just to make the shot worse.

However, the trick was not to lose hope and try again for a better shot wherein I got a number of frames (one which is in this picture above), the flowers blurred out and the focus is exactly on the small stem which has the least value when it comes to beauty.

Similarly, in our life, you don’t always have to be the flower shining brightly gaining attention, but sometimes you should be happy that you are the stem or the roots, as imperative as you are for the flower’s fragrance and beauty without anyone’s attention.

Don’t think you are not worth it, you are as worth as the person sitting next to you. It’s just a matter of time, learning and experience that will make you a flower or a root. But it’s upon you when you have to be a flower, a stem or a root!

So who are you –  a flower, a stem or a root?

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