The Silent Walk

•| THE WALK |•

Far in the distant waves, she’s lost in herself.
Witnessing the change in her life.
How time and tide defined her course of life.

Her feet dabbed the squishy sand,
The granules tickled her tiny fingers.
For which she walked numb.

With every step, she didn’t feel confident.
She felt completely lost like the froth in the sea,
that vanished when it made it to the shore.

She was a ship with broken compasses and overcast skies.
Drifting aimlessly in the stormy ocean.
Combating the challenges of her life.

Her dreams were big.
She always wanted to swim this ocean,
Wanted to plunge in the uncertainties of her life.

Accomplish something noteworthy.
She was stubborn, determined.
With her choices, with her decisions.

In the midst of discovering,
Whether to stay lost or try to find her way back,
She smiles.

Looking at the setting sun.
Portraying warm colours and strong emotions.
Swimming them back to her black and white thoughts.
Giving her the momentum to look par her difficulties.
Pushing her gut hard to achieve her dreams, in spite of all the challenges.

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The silent walk

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