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Sometimes people ask, “Is there anything great in photography?”
Most of the complex part of any photography is taken care by the camera.

That’s not the real story.
It’s the wait that makes someone the best in photography.

Some people differentiate nature as a separate identity from their lives.
But we all are a part of it.

Capturing nature has taught me,
The most important lesson in my life.

Patience – without which it is impossible to take a great shot.
Thirty minutes, an hour and if you are fed up,
It’s not going to work.

You have to stay put in a particular place,
and be lost in the nature that surrounds you.

It takes a lot of time, sometimes days,
to get the perfect shot.

There are moments when the atmosphere or the light is beautiful,
There are moments so calm, that you end up being in harmony with the environment.

There are moments of serenity,
When you are waiting, just seeing time pass by.

And you feel completely disconnected,
Just paying attention to the picturesque of nature.

When challenges accumulate,
They shouldn’t hold you back.
Rather they should motivate you.

Because the next day, the next moment might change everything,
Just as nature, sheer and unpredictable.

And sometimes you know the wait is over,
Sometimes you know deep down in your heart,
This is the moment.
When you find the subject in the viewfinder of your camera.

It provokes so much emotion,
It’s such an intense moment.

A moment that might last,
For thirty seconds or a minute.

Sometimes just five minutes
In the whole day of waiting.

But once you click the photograph,
All the difficulties, the hardships disappear.

You have that micro-instant of life that you’ve waited for.
The sound of the final click is what captures all of that.

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