Local Trains – The Lifeline of every Mumbaikar | The Scribbled Writings

•| THE RUSH |•
Place: Goregaon, Mumbai

An early morning rush,
A race who makes it first.
To the place you wish to traverse,
By Mumbai locals is a game of the fierce.

The rush for Mumbai Locals

Known as the city where dreams are fulfilled, Mumbai is also popular for its overcrowded local trains that carry almost 8 million passengers everyday. Perhaps, Mumbai locals are the heart of connectivity from the architectural lanes of South Bombay to the surreal landscapes in Kasara and Karjat.
You’ll see not only men but also women armouring their chests with backpacks queued as if they had been sent out for vengeance. Making the way inside the train is the survival of the fittest. Children from schools, colleges, employees, local vendors and women on the tip of their toes rushing to board the cheapest modes of public transport is indeed a sight to behold. Local commuters become your travel companions. Lucky you are if you find a window seat to enjoy the zephyrs of Mumbai.
After a struggle of getting into the train, be amused by local vendors pampering you by selling goods of basic comfort and some eateries to nibble. Get the true sense of organization as you see the baggage perfectly placed. And the commuters will guarantee you are not left alone. Get entertained by the scuffle for a push, a brawl for a micro inch of space just to settle down for nothing, bringing a little curl on your lips. The local journey is indeed to be tried if you ever visit Mumbai.
“Step in from one side of the train. Do not take any efforts & the crowd will help you get down from the other end” is a cliché that you will hear about local trains.

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