Our Last Day Together | The Scribbled Writings


It was her marriage that day, and the photographer was asking her to pose for the camera. While she was busy posing for the camera, he was lost in her beauty adoring her. For all the times, they fought. For all the times he made her laugh and upon seeing her laugh, the way his whole world would light up. For all the times she supported him, to the times she did not. For all the times they argued over who would sleep on the bed and who on the floor.

Every single thing flashed in front of his eyes as if it was just yesterday. He could clearly see their journey from their childhood to the point of her marriage. While everyone cried on the outside, he cried within at the thought of not being able to see her whenever he would wish to. The thought of trusting someone who would take care of her thereafter was also a reason for the tears. After bidding her the goodbye, he looked at the sky, smiled at the reflection of his mother and wiped off the single tear that charted its way out from the corner of his eye.

He chuckled in dejection,
“Who said being the younger sibling meant no responsibility!”

– Anagha Krishnan©

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