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The sun shone brightly over her head, allowing the shadow to fall on her back. The shadow subtly dividing her past and present. Standing tall with an arched back, her soft fingers held the iron railings, with eyes pointing straight at the horizon. A convocation hat and her degree rolled and tied with a red ribbon filled her other hand. Stealing a look at the degree with her index finger slowly drawing circles, she breathes slowly, with every breath the air becomes thinner.

She heaves a sigh of relief and thinks about the journey of her life – from being a kid holding her father’s hand to holding a master’s degree in Economics – Rough patches, bumps, smooth roads, sometimes even like a highway, wasn’t an easy ride, she smiles. She wonders what more has life in store for her as she leaps forward on her tiptoes with a glance in the incessant waves glittering like gold. “What next in life?” she whispers to herself.

With a bag full of passion and hobbies, she never felt the burden of responsibilities. Having the heart of a child, her innocence was the redeeming quality that kept her going. Her desires were beyond boundaries for the things she loved. So immense that the desire of light could easily swallow darkness. Living each day with curiosity, hopes and surprises, she never lost the dime of a smile from her face. From writing to capturing emotions in a frame, she always indulged in these passions as she viewed them from a different perspective giving her soul immense pleasure or a feeling of content.

With the thoughts of slowly nurturing her dreams and goals, she unwinds herself to the question, “What next in life?” with these golden words – Never let go of your dreams because that is what will keep you going, that is what will keep you breathing!!

We’ve all had this self-doubt in our mind of – What next in life – call it your career, jobs, or even a small decision that poses a huge impact in your life. There might be times when you run out of confidence. However, the most important thing in life is to chart a plan with your desires and be stern in achieving them. Never shirk from the obstacles, for they are the ones who explain nothing is in easy in life. Barriers will make you or break you and it purely relies on how much committed you are with your goals.

Feed your dreams, not your failures.

For now, if you are reading this article, you are alive and kicking! Make every breath worth it, because you know your dream than anyone else!

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