Short Inspirational Stories | The Hour Glass of Life


Long in the distant vision, she watches the horizon. The hues of the setting sun, behind a blanket of azure skies and a tide of emotions continuously hitting the shore. The trees stood firm whose leaves rustled in the October breeze under the bright sunlight. She places her bare feet in the sand of the seashore. Slowly clenching her toes into the sand, she soaks herself in its warmth. For the first time ever she feels her callused feet that were never cared standing, working for hours, to quench her hunger.

The sand ran between her toes, tickling her and she cuddled her legs with her arms, face resting against the knee, gazing at the golden rays of the setting sun. Her tresses dance as nature’s music starts and the wind picks up momentum. She breathes out her worries and with a needle-point intake of air, slowly expands her lungs with the freshness and happiness around her slowly pushing the boundaries of her chest. Without having any second thoughts, she reaches out for her diary that presumably looks like “The Diary of Life”. The pages flutter in the gust of wind and magically brings her to a page that said,

“To experience the feeling of surrendering oneself to nature.”

She looks at the sand shining in the golden rays of the sun. Grabs a fistful of the sand and slowly funnels them out like an hour glass. She watches as the stream of sand mingle with the sand on the shore bringing a cascade of uncontrolled emotions of someone close to her. Happiness, surprises, tears, sorrow, abhor, mind-draining pain, depression; she feels them everything in that fistful of sand. But as her handmade hourglass runs out of the sand, so does all her emotions.

Past – Do not waste time thinking about the sand that has reached the ground. It’s like your past.

Future – Do not fear too much about what’s for you in the future– an oyster or just another granule of sand. Fear doesn’t allow you to live in your present.

Present – Live in the moment. Make the most of today. At the same time chart a rough plan about your future.

Learning these simple yet important lessons of life, she smiles unwinding herself from the complex infrastructure of life. Relieving her and making her to what she truly is meant be – A wanderlust, an independent, responsible woman who believes in herself, creating an aura of happiness and spreading love with her positivity. Finally, the breeze tickles her nape and brings a sense of motivation to deal with life as they come.

Post experiencing such a beautiful sensation, she writes down in her diary:

Take life one yard at a time. You are bound by responsibilities, dreams, with a lot of people to criticize about you and a few handful who will actually trust you with your dreams. With all this, it’s not an easy race. However, don’t give up. Because you are in the drifting sand and you know how to make the best use of this time i.e. to live life.

She walks off with her diary, her feet still soaked with the sand, leaving footprints of having learnt a beautiful lesson of life.

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