Micro Tale on Relationships

Some moments stay forever. And then when you least expect them, the memories come back and lightly kiss your soul.

We are happy to introduce another soulful writer in our guild – Kimaya Punde. Sometimes when she is spirited, her writings do justice to her name. An avid travel enthusiast, she tags a book along when she’s on the move. She may forget her gear, but never the book.

So here’s our Harry Potter and Twilight series’ fan, charming you with her Micro Tale.


Microtale by Kimaya.png


Do you want to voice your thoughts?

Bring your scribbled words and we will weave them into a beautiful story. Keep coming for this space, because we have a bunch of stories.

Want your Scribbled emotions to be featured? Write to us: thescribbledwritings@gmail.com

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