Micro Tale #01

Some stories begin and end in a breath. But you will find traces of it hiding in some corner of your heart that peekaboos every now and then bringing you reminiscences. So our Micro Tale Journey Kick starts! Come aboard and join us for some amazing Micro Tales  compiled by versatile & passionate writers and be a part of this eternal journey. We wish you enjoy every bit of it as much as we enjoy creating them for you! 

Our very first Micro Tale begins with a zealous writer who is also a Specialist in Communications: Dipti Sahani. 

Check out her Micro Tale:


Do you want to voice your thoughts?

Bring your scribbled words and we will weave them into a beautiful story. Keep coming for this space, because we have a bunch of stories.

Want your Scribbled emotions to be featured? Write to us: thescribbledwritings@gmail.com

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