Living Life By Heart | Poems on Alzheimer’s

Every day was brand new day for her,
Every morning she wondered,
Who she was, which place she belonged.

Hands clasped on her lap,
The sunlight hammered on her face,
Gritting her teeth, tears filled her eyes.

Quizzed about the thoughts of her identity,
She struggled with the names and relations of her own family.
Husband, son, daughter were just words without pictures in her memories.

Absorbing everything by her small tiny steps,
Suddenly losing everything as her palms tightened into fists.
All that remained was a bunch of faint memories,
Like a shuffled pack of cards.

Questions nested in her mind that proliferated,
Giving birth to a new over and over,
That always craved for answers.

Running early morning was her affinity,
These days she would lose the route back.
The same old lanes now seemed like an alien world to her.

Fear crept in, with sweaty palms,
She felt the heat on her soft pink palms.
Making her way out with bits of memories,
She reached back with tear stains.

“Why? Why?” she scuffled,
Resting the curled fists over her temple.
He untangled the confusions in the infrastructure of her life,
When he planted his finger on the spot of the word that shouted:
“Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s”

Cupping her face within his palms,
He pushed back a wisp of hair,
Gently squeezed her arms offering her the mental strength and support.
Said,” We will fight it together,
Coz I’m your soul partner forever.”

With sore eyes and a parched throat she smiled,
Sentences coiled inside her mind that refused to express.
But her eyes did the talking.

From then on, she lived every day to the fullest,
Like a flower blooming by dawn,
And withering by dusk.

As time ticked slowly,
Filling her marooned life with surprises,
A husband’s warm kisses,
Forgetting them as time progresses.

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10 thoughts on “Living Life By Heart | Poems on Alzheimer’s

  1. with age,
    she lost, even
    her memories.
    but, he will,
    be there
    to remember
    maybe loosing
    her heart, once,
    was her biggest gain.

    beautiful poem……loved it! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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