The day fixed like a rusty nail on the calendar!

Why do some dates remind us of her memories?
Memories that make us traverse to those moments resonating back and forth like a pendulum.

Why do you feel the most broken on that day?
The day she left you cold and dark, stabbing the heart, making it so numb that you couldn’t feel it beat, paralyzing you completely.

Why do you remember those books of memories that were burnt years ago?
The ashes of which still carry the fragrance of her despite passing so many years.

Why do you remember the heat of her eyes, the friction of her lips?
The eyes that gave you warmth even in the frigid evenings, the lips that brushed your forehead as and when you pampered.

Why do you still play those songs as the opening chords on the guitar?
As if it was the only song gave you solace, a reason for your musings.

Why do you still have skipped heartbeats and breathless moments on her thoughts?
Are those words encircling your mind, slowly pulling you down in an endless pit on every revolution?

Why are you burning down, shedding tears in her thoughts?
Look at the flood with your dripping tears of love.

Looking at the miserable you, she would live in guilt,
Leaving you alone thinking she made a sin.

Look at the mirror, look what you have become,
Independent, she made your shoulders strong.

Giving you the hardness making you mettle,
Giving you the inner strength to endure hardships come what may.

Look the way you have transformed. Let her lost soul be reincarnated in you.
Breathe in the memories, keep your best foot forward whenever you remember the ones lost.

“Looking at his mother’s picture hanging on the wall.
He wailed reading the date that fixed the calendar like a rusty nail.”


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24 thoughts on “The day fixed like a rusty nail on the calendar!

    1. Hey Sweta thank you so much… Yess I wanted to write something positive out of it. So that line. I guess that lines make justice to the emotions. Even your words are soothing. I love reading it over and over again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve been okay! Exhausted because we cleaned out and tidied our storage room over the weekend.. Still feeling the effects (must mean I’m getting old)!

        How have you been?

        Liked by 1 person

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