Capturing memories in a stellar

Traveling in the wilderness,
Taking firm yet quiet steps making a guess.

Walk, run, crouch, slide,
Swooshing away the bushes aside.

Stumbles upon a rock, a valley,
Captivated by both, they become his new ally.

The freedom of the water streams,
Gushing at high speeds just as in their dreams.

Looking at the sun to shower light bursts,
Out came the sun behind clouds, hearing his yearning thirst.


Gandering through the pinhole,
With shoulders resting against a pole.

Taking small breaths controlling the next,
Firm hands clasped to capture the best.

Eyes hone without a blink,
Ears meticulously waiting for a jink.

The blood-suckers try to distract,
Trying to shatter his focus, he’s intact.

He’s lost in his world fiddling with f-stop,
Hell-bent to take the best shot.

The cheekbone contracts as he grins, 
Adding another picture in his untold films.

Ain’t a grapher, ain’t a story teller,
He’s a wanderer capturing memories in a stellar.


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