Force to Forget. Memories Do Stay

I remember that night
I wish I had held you tight.

I remember when you bid the last goodbye,
I know you were not going to meet me for a while.

I remember the day you cried,
For the one whom you loved and lied.

I remember the days when you held my back,
When no one else was there to bring me on track.

I remember your fingers around that black coffee mug,
Feeling the warmth, hugging like a snug.

I remember you play the first note of the guitar string,
How you peeled your gentle skin for the perfect ring.

I remember all your cries in that alien world,
With no one around, I know you feared with fingers curled.

I remember you puffing out steam like a burning train,
Savoring yourself with spicy dumplings in that rain.

I remember you being mesmerized for the chocolate lotion cream,
Repeating the words that you smelled like a baby, I said in your dreams.

I remember your sharp nails,
Wherever you scribbled, leaving its marks like serpentine trails.


I remember you where your true love was the mirror,
Ogling yourself to find any error.

I remember your fingers meeting my temple,
Twirling fingers on my hair above the nape, you were so gentle.

I remember you being my stubborn sister,
I know you were healing my blister.

I remember you watch those tiny twinkling stars at night,
With your elbows clenched on the railing, it was a delight.

I remember your crazy belly laugh almost gasping your breath,
About an expression giving anyone a laughter death.

I remember your face a millimeter away,
I sigh, saying that millimeter is thousand kilometers way.

I remember myself dreaming having huge wings,
Flying hard just to stop your tears with my cling.

I remember all your memories, with those pug-faced eyes,
Blinking incessantly to win over stubborn hearts in just a try.

I remember your cuddles with head drooped,
Chin bent nearly to my chest, with toes clenched.

For the cream rolls and the warm cup of chai,
For the spicy Panipuri and your expression after having them all.

I remember you “sister from another mother”,
For now and forever I’ll be your shadow as the elder brother.

I remember it all,
And I remember that night
I wish I had held you tight.

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