..Are you in love? asked my cupid-struck heart. “Yes, I’m

Woke up with a jolt last night,
Shook my face from a merciless fight.

Heard the clock gong one, it was midnight,
Swiping my fingers on the words I write.

I tried to sleep, but hardly could do,
Tossing over the bed, I had no clue.

Took the phone in my hand swiping the pages,
Understanding the wisdom words in small stages.

There was deep-rooted meaning in every word,
Making me feel like playing crossword.

Slowly submerging in the ocean of the words,
Piercing my heart like sharp swords.

Words entrapped him


Hardly did I know about the hand who wrote the words,
Still I had a longing about having held the hand throughout worlds.

“You live for centuries in the words you leave behind,
Transcending the galaxies when the spirits leave”, was lined.

Tingling my heart, giving an inervation of warm touch,
Giving me goose bumps, beyond any words so much.

I grip my arms around giving a gentle squeeze,
Exhaling the vibes from the heart through the breeze.

With unblinking eyes I peered the words warily,
Every atom of my body and soul did the same involuntarily.

Handcuffing me in the words of this duration,
Was the hand that added fuel to the fire of my creation.

“Are you in love?”, asked my cupid struck heart,
Yes I am! With the words and the writings like an artist is to his art.”

A Writer’s Love

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