“And what makes you write?”, he asked. “Well-wishers!”, I smiled at him.

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Do you ever feel some people are sent by God just to make you feel better? You feel completely lost in your everyday thoughts – work, responsibility, living. Lost in the darkness of pain, failure, stagnation going nowhere from there, but still doing what you love. Looking for some hand in the crowd who will lift you up and point the right direction.

Just a glimpse of something positive pulling you out from the vortex of negativity. The moment where you are completely lost in despair, desparately looking for an inspiration. As if you are the lone warrior fighting a battle against the battalion of a thousand.

Some people say destiny and fate are already written. While I say, in any adversity, some people are godsent and stumble at the right time with the right intention. Well, if you don’t agree, I don’t deny your opinion.

We all have a well-wisher who has once inspired us in our different walks of life. From the most contented young boy, playing with the worn out tyre. The wretched grandfather enjoying effortlessly working in his garden that he set up in his early twenties.

Having a conversation worth a zillion emotions with a mother in an old age home who describes your presence as her son. People who have taught you things to do, without expecting anything in return.

Those people leave traces of their deeds in your life marking the beginning/creation of something beautiful. Just like the essence of a newly blossomed flower, emanating the fragrance, mesmerizing in the zephyr, is how I personify the presence of well-wishers in your life.

Such are my well-wishers. Fortunate that I have a bunch of people that I learn from – day in, day out. My family, friends, colleagues, teachers, and acquaintances have an equal importance in shaping myself to who I am. Just like the earth revolves the Sun, so does this post for my well-wishers.

paper ship in children hand
He loved the paper ships

I’m a highly spirited soul. Broach a topic, it would ignite into a conversation like a piping hot pan would be the following chatter.

Being a listener has allowed me to consume deep conversations and experiences with my well-wishers. I always keep my ears wide open for conversations, noting emotions with soulful eyes, hands cupped on my cheeks.

Deceitfully recording it in my black box (a book/a Keep note) filled with emotions of a thousand human beings. These are my highly owned priced possessions.

Every conversation with you’ll is like being a wanderlust, inhaling the aroma of the rain-drenched soil. Carrying the naivety of a kid who still enjoys sailing paper boats in a stream of water and following it till the end.

Getting completely mesmerized, by hearing that nexus of words. Words that I’ve heard a number of times but not in such a fashion as you ever did.

Every phrase seems like a new line from a novel that I would love to complete. Hitching my breath at every word thrown by you.

I’m trapped with a soul who is expressive when it’s writing and ruminative, evincing a nimble wit in every conversation. Sometimes I feel fortunate even in the misfortunes of time. Leaving a serious case of butterflies in the stomach by the telepathic words.

Clecnhing toes to reach him.png

What are things that cheer you up? For me it has always been an infectious smile, expressive eyes , soulful words, a warm hug clenching the toes to let let me know that things will be fine. I just want to bring those moments of assurance with my writings. Something that you would look upto in your moments of self-love, care, help.

Your love (well-wishers) is uncontainable, just like the vast oceans. Like the shadow of your own self, hard to catch but still being a part of you. With my words I want to intrigue your soul leading you to infinity. The soothing words that will warm the cockles of your heart. Pacifying your wandering thoughts around a feeling that only you could just peruse in between the lines.

I have learned from every single soul with whom I’ve interacted and been attached even for a few seconds of my life. Keeping all the good things, securing in a vault and inspiring me. With my words, I voice out to the thousands of like-minded people.

I enjoy the little moments with each one of you, making you skip a beat through my writings. Adding a pinch of paprika and oregano and spicing up your life. With some humor as a soothing device for life, a true inspiration behind my The Scribbled Writings.

Thank you, one and all for being my well-wisher, a reader of my scribbled word, without which my words would be just hollow and emotionless. Hardly to connect with anyone. I would like to take a moment in thanking you all for your precious time, reading all those articles for me.

Love what you do, and never restrict your emotions in what you love.

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Well wishers of Scribbled Writings
Well wishers of Scribbled Writings

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