“This is your first step…and I’ll be there by your side”, He said embracing her!

She had the glow in her cheeks,
That mesmerized him for weeks.

The sparkling eyes lined with a little pink,
She caught his eyes with every blink.

Her curly, crisscrossed hair, unyielding to budge,
He hinted his friend pointing her with a nudge.

Her smile, with a faint curve on her lips,
Unzipped a pair of pearly white teeth just at the tips.

She danced crazily with every step,
Moving graciously she created a pep.

She danced with him, with eyes glued,
The music won’t stop keeping the mood.

She followed his moves with every drop,
They danced from lock to hip-hop.

Taking her baby steps gingerly,
She balanced, holding his fingertips consciously.

She shrilled as she slipped, almost crashing the ground,
Luckily, his supple palms swooped beneath her, clasping her around.

Teary emotions filled her eyes,
He took her in his arms stopping her panicky cries.

“I will never do that”, she hinted with her naïve eyes,
He hit the floor hard making her feel better to stop her cries.

“This is the first step of your life, don’t worry my child”,
“There are going to be many falls ahead, but I’ll be there by your side.”

Lifting his little girl in his arms he walked away,
Resting her cheeks, enjoying the arm-ride throughout the alleyway.

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