“Capture me now, for I’ll be gone forever”, she said.

Shiny night wrapped with a million stars,
Scouting around for a picture in the mars.

My fingers yearned for some breath-taking clicks,
I guess the emotions stuck her like cupid piercing bricks.

With faint footsteps like the absence of sound,
She walked across, making everyone dumbfound.

All that she revealed was her naked eyes,
That hypnotized me like a block of glacial ice.

Eyes, painting a stark picture of her past,
Black, bold like an amazon outlast.

Every blink of her eye had their own emotion,
That pulled me towards her even in commotion.

Getting a hold of my camera,
I pushed quite a people diaspora.

I could delineate her face from her mask,
As streams of air showered on her, easing the task.

Reaching my footsteps near her,
But still, the masked face was a blur.

One strong gust and it was primavera,
As  I clicked her unblemished face, creating a picture of the era.

As the sunrise after the dark,
She enlightened the place like a lightning spark.

Daubed by the charcoal mark,
Was her eye lashes’ curvy arc.

Immaculate was her tinted skin,
That was visible evidently even in the din.

As her eyes met mine,
I clenched my toes, sending shivers down my spine.

I looked around just to avoid her sight,
She took steps towards me putting me in a plight.

All that she whispered was,
“Capture me in this moment,
For I’ll be gone forever,
Impossible to reproduce.”

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