Music | My forever companion

After a spine-wrecking work back in office,
Writing a plethora of articles on diverse topics.

I pack my rucksack,
Bid good-bye to my peer pack.

Plug the earphones in my ears,
That has been keeping me up for so many years.

A music pack like a jet pack,
Fuelling my life with the relieving track.

Romance, Rock, EDM, Folk, Instrumental,
You name and I place my fingers gentle.

Hit the play button, which looks like,
A pathway to nirvana, moron like.

The guitar strums with heavy bass and a tinge of acoustic,
I garner all the lyrics and wait for the perfect beat.


Clearing my throat,
Making sure I don’t miss a note.

The drum rattles, without evenness,
Still creating a tune of speechlessness.

My fingers virtually play the notes,
Picking the E following the C and the music floats.

Nodding my head to and fro,
Without which the vibe would just not flow.

Sometimes throwing my shoulder and pumping the fist,
From a lock to a pop making it more than a twist.

From the music, that coerces me to make a wave,
To schmaltzy tunes that ring my bells of some memories, it gave,

I’m in my own world blabbering the lyrics,
The people around me stare me like cynics.

Humming “Bring me to life” like the Evanescence’s,
To 30 Seconds to Mars “Hurricanes”,

My heart’s full, with positivity and energy,
The music stops, bringing me back in synergy.

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