“It’s time for me to go”, she cried.

Looked at the garden, sunk in the sorrow,
Still remember her words, for my tomorrow.

Things will get harder,
But spring is around the corner.

Sometimes it will be tough,
Don’t curtain your teary eyes and bluff.

For every flower has to wither,
Let my absence not be a dither.

We have packed a beautiful memory,
Lock it up and enjoy every bit of the story.

Sometimes you won’t see the blossoms,
Blooming in the garden.

Birds won’t chirp the songs of happiness,
The leaves would barely rustle showing steadiness.

You’ll partner all your hardness,
With something just as marvelous.

Just take a sniff of the ticking watch of mine,
You’ll smell all the memories back in time.

Gripping her fingers, I wanted to follow.
As the angels took her, making me hollow.

“It’s time for me to go”, she cried.
The solitary stayed like a never-ending tide.

– Karthik

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