​Don’t endure, just experience”, she said.

Standing three-fourth of a kilometre above the ground,
I did find the earth was round.

Surrounded by a range of green mountains,
Like the one I sketched on scribbled dusty papers.

A feeling of having discovered an untouched place,
Viewing the mystified landscape at a steady framed pace.

I titled my face to skim the humongous range,
The varied shades of the mountain looked beautifully strange.

Feeling the gust of wind throughout my mass,
Swaying the bristles of my hair just as for the grass.

Entangling my wandering soul into the beauty of her magnificence,
Making my presence in her mighty arms so insignificant.

She whispered, “You have nothing to endure but to experience scaling me,
I wondered if Mother Earth was failing or hailing me.

My legs still burnt, with the catch in my calves,
Turning the pain puny, I broke it down in plethora of halves.

I spent quiet moments catching my breath,
Standing on the edge, with the slightest fear of death.

The deep valleys called for the fall,
Deceived by heart, my brain took the call.

Got to scale many of nature’s wilderness this is just a start,
To fill the book of my life, just add this to your cart.

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6 thoughts on “​Don’t endure, just experience”, she said.

    1. Hey Dee! It really is wonderful when you scale a mountain and can actually feel beautiful in everything around you! Your posts are amazing as well. Just read one. And Ill surely come back to read more of your posts.

      Liked by 1 person

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