Her ‘Free’dom

Untangling the confusions as she coiffed her hair,
She squinched her eyes with all the flair.

With nimble fingers, she adjusts the focus,
Clipped bristles of hair around the locus.

Getting the subject into the perfect frame,
For the subject’s imperfection, her beauty was to blame.

Numbered glasses she wore on her eyes,
For improved sight or a barricade for love was still a book of lies.

Her beautiful hair took refuge behind the frame of darkened glasses,
Until unwelcome breeze tickled her ears leaving her hair with aesthetic dances.

She barely did smile showing off her wildest canines,
Coz whenever she did, she blew up a thousand landmines.

As she passed him he felt cloud nine,
She smelt of Blue Ocean that was divine.

Tracing the veins on her hands through naked eyes,
Showed her persistence for capturing time-lapse of virgin skies.

Free was the way of living her life,
She carved out those words in her solo strife.

– Karthik

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