The Dulcinea of his Dreams!

The day arrived and the distance neared,
For the first time, he feared.

Meeting her for the first time,
The bell rang like a chime.

“Already late, keeping her wait!”, he whined,
Will she hate?” the clock ticked nine!

He hustled in the crowd using his might,
Just to witness her smile throughout the night.

With jaded yet anxious eyes he went,
She was furious with her a tinge of rufescent.

He touched his ears with his thumbs in fear,
She pulled his arms and wiped his tear.

For the first time with his throat clear,
He constantly asked, “Are you for real?”

The zephyr waved her hair – silky and frizzy,
Glued to her black sloe eyes, he was so busy.

He touched the bindi placed perfectly on her temple,
“Tis for you”, she giggled with the slightest dimple.

She confined her smile within her tiny cheeks,
When he darted his eyes on her comely eyes.

She held his palms with her gossamer finger,
He gripped them entangled without any linger.

When she smiled, her soul, lips, and eyes followed,
That melted his stern wall of sorrow and made him wallow.

All they wanted was to make the time stand still,
Not wanting to bid a goodbye until.

It was 9:46 pm, when she had the last sip of tea,
I need to rush or the landlord will not heed my plea.

She hugged him tight, leaving him a memorable night,
Bid him goodbye, with pictures of them in skylight.

– Karthik

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