The silence after the storm!

A girl eagerly waiting for her father

The girl was eagerly waiting for the new gift from her dad,
Dressed like a dulcinea, a recently married woman,
Ready to scoot over for a movie with his man!
A brother was waiting for his beloved sister.
A mother was counting her breaths in the hospital,
Eagerly waiting to meet her only child!

The place where is shattered millions of hearts

Tic Toc Tic. Boom! – Merciless!
Ears rang for quite a while,
Ripping the eardrums of many!
It blew off the flesh of hundreds of  men and  women,
In places, you’d never imagine!
Scattered them to millions of pieces.
Shattering dreams of many innocent  lives.

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Railway station, Mumbai blasts, Life changing stories, Indian Blogs, Local trains, Last Memories, Inspirational stories
The Station where people were unaware of their last journey!

The cries are still heard,
The innocent lives are still mourned.
The accused were still living,
Their lives still guarded, rather insured,
With the most important men,
Men who wore the uniform in black.
With surplus and edible food, they still lived a good life.
On the contrary, it was difficult for the families of innocent
To even gulp a glass of water or consume a morsel.

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Crying, Lonely, Reminiscence
In memories of his dear ones!







The innocent lost families were still weeping,
The boy now makes the boxes of the gifts,
The once a dulcinea, now dressed like a widow,
The brother sheds a tear in his loneliness,
The mother is still breathing in the fear of pessimistic thoughts!

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Faith, God, Life, Livestrong
With faith in God! He sets out the next day!

Stained blood was scrubbed,
The blood bathed compartments were scrubbed.
However the cries still echoed,
The agonized, yearning for help could still be felt!
The crowd still remains on their feet the very next day,
With their faith in God, chanting hymns of prayers!
Inspite of any blast, any horrific attacks,
For them, it is the ones which bridge them to their bread,

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Aamchi Mumbai Meri Jaan
(Our Mumbai, Our Life),
Mumbai locals for life!

Let’s be a part of such groups to make a difference and let your efforts be directed. I hope you have a similar story as well to share.

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6 thoughts on “The silence after the storm!

  1. You have talent to play with words even to describe situations like this… I wish those heartless ppl should read this and feel how they destroys life not only of the victims but those who are related to them! Good job !!

    Liked by 1 person

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