The Herculean hands of the old man

He plodded heavily just like any other day,
Lifting bags and placing it on the carrier.
Reaching the train of numerous passengers and bidding the last goodbye,

He stretches his back in agony as his lifts the larger ones,
He knows he’s become old, decrepit,
Weakness is encompassing his body.

But he doesn’t stop.
He has his grandchildren in mind.

The smiles remind him of love, care, and deep expectations.
They are thinking of new toys and hot saccharine jalebis,

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To be received from their grandfather.
This thought galvanizes him,

He dusts his shoulders,
Stands tall just as he is tickety-boo.
With a warm smile, he picks another laden of load,

Asking,”Kaunsa platform pe jana he?”
(Which platform do you want to go?)

Old man, Indian Stories, Indian Trains, Struggle, Scribblers, Livestrong,
Herculean Old Man Catching his breath

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