The Wanderlust


He had the traveller’s lust,
Exploring nature’s best.
The love for the wilderness,
The sweet aroma of the wet soil,
Engulfing himself in the greeneries,
He searched for nature’s uniqueness.
His travelling experiences were beyond words,
They turned him into a story teller.
The departure to unknown lands,
Made him glad about his own self.
With every new place being explored,
He learned about how a tiny place every person occupied in the world.
Trapping memories into pictures,
And weaving words of emotions  into them.

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Nothing witnessed any better than his pair of eyes.
The magnificence of the mountain,
The beauty of the blossomed flower,
The journey to the center of the earth.
He believed the world was a book,
Where every page had its own essence.
Filled with love, surprises and greatness.
Learning from every single step,
Towards a place unknown, unexplored!

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