The Last Dive in Maldives | The Scribbled Writings

Seashore, Sand, Waves, Birds, Love story, Emotional stories, Short Stories, Indian stories
A serene seashore with hardly any signs of destruction

It was a pleasant sunrise that day. They were on a vacation spending blissful time in the Maldives. The sun rose from beneath the sea and they watched the birds fly south. However, they couldn’t decipher any eccentricity behind the birds flying south on an early morning. With such an appealing aura, he couldn’t abstain from taking a dip in the sea. He took off his T-shit and said,”Love, I’ll be back in a while”. He kissed her cheeks and off he went. His pleasure in life confined in the most basic elements surrounding him. The smallest and the nonsensical things that engulfed him brought a gleam on his face. Enjoying the drizzles of the first rain kissing his face, looking right at the morning sunrise, taking long fresh breaths on mountain tops. He stood right in line where the waves stopped and washed his feet. He felt immense pleasure in experiencing the waters touching his bare foot that instigated a state of temporary delirium. The madness which she fell for, for the innocence in his twinkling eyes. Everyone around him considered his nature as being infantilized. Taking long strides his legs penetrated the squishy sand. He took a plunge into the deep waters. His soul felt rejuvenated and his heart felt light.  

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Seashore, Trees, Sand, Waves, Birds, Love story, Emotional stories, Short Stories, Indian stories
The winds knew it was coming. And it was big. So did the trees.

Suddenly, the earth’s plates shifted giving rise to tourbillion winds and gigantic waves, aiming at the seashore with the intent to destroy. People went haywire, creating tohubohu pervasively and it led to jimjams. No sooner did he start to move towards the shore, the waves surrounded him. He was caught in this clutter grappling with the ferocious waves trying to take him down. She panicked and ran towards the sea. And he wasn’t lucky that day as the waves struck him taking his head first following the body. A series of heinous thoughts followed his mind. It’s lucky if the cold kills you before you drown. Drowning is miserable and relentless. It’s a feeling at times when your regrets in life plague you, isolating and handicapping your mind when composure and clarity are the actual saviours. It was an inopportune moment for him and her, for everyone around him. He was struggling to stay afloat in the gusty waters. Battling the waves, he was desperately looking for a lifeline to cling to and get a chance to breathe effectively. He could hardly take a breath and his hopes crippled. 

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Seashore, Sand, Waves, Birds, Love story, Emotional stories, Short Stories, Indian stories
And she felt his presence that the winds carried.

His thoughts skittered, swimming directionless on one stroke, losing hopes on the other. Ultimately, he started to give in and let the waves take him. His mind started running the best memories of his life as it had totally given up on the ways to get out of the horrific situation. Every wave crashed against him, dwindling all his efforts to keep him alive. The waves carried his soul counting the last few breaths. Somehow he reached the shore, but couldn’t keep his heart beating. She was ferreting for him with tears running down her cheeks, running helter-skelter. As soon as she noticed him, she ran with all her might and slid across his drenched body. She dragged his body that was replete with water, held his head and placed it on her legs. She couldn’t stop her tears and watch him leave. The stony rocks had ripped the skin of his arms. “No, no this shouldn’t happen. Wake up! Don’t leave me.” She punched heavily and right above his heart to make his heart beat again and revive his breath. All the endless efforts didn’t work and she couldn’t find any help. The best she could do was give him the hug long enough for a miracle to happen – to get back his breath.  Unfortunately, she lost all hopes. He left her like a withered person with a scrambled mind marooned in a dilapidated island. Sinking into the piercing black grief and experiencing wells of frustration, she looked at the skies above her and screamed at the top of her voice, “Why?”

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Years later, now she still visits the beach, walks along the shore where his voices echoed. Where she finds the perfect match of the crisscrossed footprints lost in the past. The place where she counted his painful breaths in her arms. While taking those small baby steps she finds him walking down from the other end with a halo over him carrying a compelling smile. She looks at him, a tear of the memories makes way from her eyes, biting her lips tightly, she makes sure she doesn’t break. But she does break. Taking her time to recover, she wipes off the tears takes a deep breath, keeps her head high over horizons and walks away.

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Seashore, Sand, Waves, Birds, Love story, Emotional stories, Short Stories, Indian stories
Every step of the walk brings her the warmth from the waves.

In your life, most of you have lost some very dear ones and that has created a void in your heart leaving you in pain and lamentation. The pain doesn’t go away, but you learn to adjust to it day by day, making changes and accommodations as necessary . This is not denial; this is like allowing other life functions to continue in the foreground, while a computer program is running in the background — the mind — quietly finding ways to adapt to the changes imposed  on your life.

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