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The shiny teeth, with the twinkling eyes. God had invested a lot of time in fabricating her gorgeous smile and eyes. Constantly screening the sheerness in her innocent smile blended with the sharp eyes would have made anyone ogle at her impertinently. There was a lot inside her, the deeper you dug, the darker secrets you would find. It was all hidden for a purpose, a reason. So that it takes all the efforts to reach the heart that was planted securely. The heart was breached and poisoned with mistrust and false promises a long time ago, crushing it completely and shattering to countless pieces. She swallowed his love like a soft poem, but the words pricked her like broken glass. With blood stains in her hand, she was still longing to hold his hands. He ripped out his soul that was dissolved in her skin. Without any extortion, she let him go. Though he left, she was glad she didn’t let him too close without regret.

She wasn’t the one whom you could lock in the pages of your favorite book or capture her picture and frame her within. Her zealous and exhilarated soul was unconquerable. She turned any hopeless place completely different with her presence. She was unheard and phlegmatic like the breeze. But her presence was felt and experienced. The long, filed nails were painted with a complimentary shade of her ensemble. She gave everyone the happiness with her crisscrossed, yet trying to align itself extra toothed cuspid smile. It was the sweetness pill which she spread across. Somewhere between now and then, she was traversing with new shades of life, the words were lost in dark silence. Love was all that she needed and she would find it in herself. She would place a kiss that would linger long enough to taste the secrets of the heart. She was the one who made him feel lost in between his own heartbeats which were later found between her. She was the wilderness for whom he was waiting to explore. She was born to be touched softly, with her beautiful colors of essence slowly staining his heart of glass. Somewhere far beyond this world, he felt nothing apart her mesmerizing smile complimented by her babyish eyes.

The seamlessly concocted mascara just decorated her eyes flaunting her pretty face. The spiritual amulet in the form of a circlet revolved her wrist shielding her soul from the evil eyes. Well yeah, she needed it. The mid-pierced ears made her look she was creating a vogue, never went with the flow attitude. Always coming up with a new way she harbored uniqueness. A high, elevated bun, simply tied up or the messy hair – she always carried it with a deep soul smiling face. No one would have gone empty-handed – a smile was one priced possession she flaunted without any expectations. She was like the moon, a part of her was always hidden which made everyone impatient. His soul burned with innovative notions whenever he had a glimpse of her. Hands craved to paint the canvas of his thought. The unsaid words were gushing, unlocking the locks of his heart. She carried goosebumps with her. As she touched him, he felt his breath hitch at the contact. She became the dreams of his nights, sometimes a reason for the sleepless nights. Her words seemed like the music of the forest with its own rhythms. He realized that out of the countless footprints on the shore, only his and her matched. Like a single candle piercing the darkness, she lightened his soul.

Little did he know that it was a journey of a few miles that was supposed to end without a perfect goodbye. Leaving him in that same cornered room, bestowed by responsibilities even on a Friday night. However, he was happy that he matched his eyes with hers and became a reason of her smile for a transient period. He was happy for the struggle and sleepless nights that made him better for what he was known. Love is the reason you are born on this wonderful planet. When you love, you set open your heart to the impossibilities for anyone and everyone to see it, however, it’s just made for one savior who will make your world upside down, walking down the assiduous terrains, crossing the vulnerable oceans to win over your soul. He/she will give you the most genuine curve that originates straight from your heart which will reflect on your smile. A smile that would break hearts and be an elixir for your broken heart. Till then, breathe! Invest in yourself.

Don’t ever feel that you are alone.
I’ll never let you down
I’ll never leave you dry
Don’t fall apart
Don’t let it go
Carry the notion
Carry the notion by.


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She gave emotions. He penned a Novel
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8 thoughts on “Life: Second Chances | The Scribbled Writings

  1. An awwsmm blog. It keeps the reader intact wid the story. Very wel writn with d remarkable use of wrds at ri8 places.
    Would like to read smthing more frm u…


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