Virtual Reality – Utopia in progress!

Last week I was strolling inside a mall, wherein I came across a virtual reality experience. I had read some news about virtual reality trying to take on the future of gaming experience. The game was really simple. Wearing a virtual reality headset you are enclosed in an arena filled with shock absorbing mattresses and bean bags. You just had to cross a 7-yard platform. I found it not worth investing my money because of the level of difficulty – it was too mainstream. However, I couldn’t hold on to my horses because of the excitement to play the game. In this dilemma, I decided to give it a shot.

I had seen some other people playing the game and got a glimpse of how to complete it without any difficulty. As I stepped on to the pod and wore the headset, my ears went numb and I was able to feel the vacuum. It was pitch black in front of my eyes and you could hear the sonority of the darkness. The techie guy tapped on my shoulders and said,

“You are good to go, my friend!”

I sighed and exclaimed, “Bring it on!” He keyed in something and the virtual reality screen came right in front of my eyes. It was a bright sunny morning and I could visualize myself standing on a building surrounded by sky- scrapers. I could hear the gust of wind blowing around me as I was standing on the terrace of a building. I had to walk on a wooden log between two buildings. I could hardly feel my feet moving. The path I actually had to follow in the real world was really narrow like a dimension of an actual wooden log. It was much difficult than I had assumed. I tripped on the log a number of times to reach a 7-yard gaming experience.

Virtual reality will revolutionize all the different sections of human experience. There are many competitors who provide virtual reality a cutting edge. Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), Oculus Rift, Sony and HTC are the major leaders who will exhibit their technological marvels in 2016. The technology foresees a market of $60 billion industry by 2025 where people will use virtual reality in day to day lives thereby attracting many hotshot companies like Facebook and Apple to invest in it.

In fact, the Dare Devil Dive “New Revolution” Virtual Reality Roller Coaster at Six Flags in North America has a roller coaster ride with a virtual reality attachment to it thereby making the roller coaster experience exhilarating.

The future of virtual reality is to make the technology much more user friendly so that people can access it in their day to day lives, like making a video call with all the information within your reach, designing the ideas in the digital world with the help of different accessibility options, pushing the boundaries of the human body to enter the digital world with nanotechnology.

Virtual reality is the technology which is impending that will be filled with new amazing features but with a heavy charge to pay for. Virtual reality will be expensive, robust and really the utopia of a better human perspective. So folks, start saving to enjoy the virtual world experience!


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