The embryonic onset of Her! – “Seriously”

The dry ambience was filling with some water droplets and the air was replenishing with some moisture thereby making the wind around it cool. The leaves on the distant tree looked as if they were swaying gracefully like a trained graceful dancer. The air near me chanted her name and I grabbed my warm arms, cupped them together with a feeling of her reminiscence. I had only heard her twice. She is so stubborn, she hardly leaves my thoughts. It was as if she bucked to leave my memory. I gazed at her pictures which looked blotch-less and alluring nothing less than the perfect girl I had imagined of. The perfectly aligned teeth as if they were sculpted with ambidextrous hands without any err, her tall gigantic self with long legs. The smile of a sphinx which were intimating also required some efforts and time for me to bring myself to the real world. The priceless smile that she flaunted on the lens of the camera was such as if she could win a zillion hearts. I wished if I had the lucky charm to gaze that smile which would revive me from all the tired workaholic day. If only I could be the reason for her smile and the flush that she gave me every now and then. The crimson redness on her face whenever she giggled heavily, my God how can you make someone so beautiful with such a breath-taking smile? I could stop and stare for a lifetime and would open my eyes every morning with the look of her face. The thoughts of her smile clouded my mind and it was not the first time I had to go through it. She had already owned the place in my cerebrum. The sporadic silent whispers in my ears made it much more evident about her presence thereby ferreting for her soul with the slightest hope of she being near me, I flushed thinking about the thought of she being mine. “Why would she be? Am I really worth it?” is what my malevolent and anxious bigoted mind questioned. But I was really elated about these thoughts, so I extended her thoughts. I felt restless, tossing and turning myself around every night. It was hardly we had spoken to each other and we had really become complacent about talking to each other. My mind was paralyzed on her thoughts. There were a number of scenarios where I sometimes used to be lost in the ashes of time – I guess it was her voice that was so captivating and engrossing. There were circumstances where she literally used to bring me back to the real world by calling out my name so loud “Karthik”. I felt as if I had already plunged into the ocean of her compassion surrounded by the heart-stirring pitch of her sound. I dive all night in the ocean to keep myself in her memories, the unruly hair that always caught my eyes kept me busy in sliding my fingers over her toupee and making them compliant – not my real self though, but my soul went near her and did the same! I could feel the current flowing in me whenever her tuned voice entered my soul through the ears which augmented my already rapid heartbeat. I always questioned Him, “How can you provide such beautifully manifested vocal chord to anyone and how can she captivate me so much just by her voice?” How often do you ever find a person already making you crimson-faced just by the way she speaks. The way she recites the word “Seriously”, “Ah man, I haven’t heard any better word, her voice was a blend of Yami Gautam and a melodious singer! I could hear her all day long. She really did win a dime from me; I blushed when she said a few words, totally mesmerizing me and taking my feet off the ground. The happiest feeling for any person would be lauding the person you love. I always felt to extol a person who holds my tiny goldfish memory, when it comes to a girl. It’s not as if I’m a celibate or a misogynist. However, I have this feeling of filtering a girl with the dimple, height and a smile! Yeah, I’m sometimes too fussy about the details because that is the only thing that charms me the most. Sometimes you just think about the person and your thoughts are so powerful that you find some surprises down below. The mobile rang and to my surprise it was her number that was flashing incessantly on the screen. I gulped a few ounce of water and I was feeling excited to have a word with her. I felt the blood racing after such a long time again. Nobody had ever reached to that extent of making me feel better. Once done, I performed the best cartwheels in my dreams because that is the place where I do it the best. My heartbeat was sporadic and the brain worked as if it had forgotten to provide any information to the organs about breathing. Well, I was a miser; I wanted to spend the rest of my life making her gleesome and rosy. I wanted to tickle her dimpled cheeks, and whenever she pointed her eyes filled with love and shy – that is the moment I would hold her long artistic fingers one by one, take her unruly locks and push it behind her gossamer ears, and look into her deep poignant eyes and say how much love I have for her. As she hears it, I’m very sure that my debonair looks and chivalrous approach would gradually make her waxed eyelids wane slowly giving her diaphanous lips a wide grin, showing her pearly white teeth and that slightest dimple that would again make me fall every day. Well for her, I can bid every breath in each and every step of her dreams, her life and she really deserves that much love and compassion which I’m very sure I can keep up forever and ever to our stellar togetherness. Some things are really special these days for me. I’m wishing that it turns out to be really m emorable at the end. HTTD-7

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