Canada-India coalesce to bring change in the conservation and optimization of resources

IC IMPACTS is the only Indo – Canadian research centre of excellence established for research collaborations for India and Canada. The centre which includes 158 researchers has funded almost 29 projects with the guidance of 141 partners who target the realms of research and training, healthy community and transfer technology amongst the two nations. Their projects include integrated water management, public health, making an impregnable, robust and sustainable infrastructure. This is a benevolent work that is been undertaken by both the Indian and Canadian governments to resurrect the standard of living which was pristine and free from hazardous diseases decades ago.

Canada and India are planning to come together to weed out the polluted water  conundrums thereby improving the water treatment system in India and also work together on the piling diseases as a result of the contaminated water. The biotechnology research team will invest time and efforts to create new drugs for obliterating malaria from secluded areas of the country.

The Ontario government has thus announced to endow an amount of CAD$ 900,000 for three projects through Ontario-India Research Collaboration Fund. From India, it would be the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) who would be working with the Canadian research team. For a sustainable development of utilization of resources, the team would be working on how to make optimum utilization of the energy resources in buildings, maximum conservation of water as a natural source, reducing carbon construction materials that have adverse effects on the environment and also techniques for improving internet connectivity.

This strong collaboration will provide many opportunities in terms of education, research, building bonds of camaraderie and provide integrity amongst the two nations. Both countries may achieve halcyon times if they provide new notions in healing the stranded nature and also providing good health to each and every human being. Good health, better resources of food to one and all, better infrastructure and smart use of the available resources are the desiderata of a growing economy and we hope both the nations ferret and coin out some solutions for the ongoing problems which are faced by humanity.

Please visit IC IMPACTS for any detailed information.


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