Computer Science -A basic skill, not an optional one– Obama

It’s completely true that the computers in our era are ceaseless. Be it codes, security management, data encapsulation everything has its own relevance. There cannot be a day where the automatic petrol fillers will be replaced by something that did not need a buoyancy-checker controlled by some machine language, the machines in the hospitals will be replaced by something without computer memories in it. We are obsessed with the machines that are still controlled by some language they can apprehend.
Recently, US President Barack Obama asserted that to overcome the dwindling number of employment opportunities and analyzing the picture of the future which includes technology and computers, he stressed more on the requirement of emerging use of computer science, living in the time of extraordinary change. He believes that introducing the new technology can replace any job that can be automated. For giving a fair shot to everyone in this emerging economy, he finds there is a huge requirement of computer science to be taught to every other individual.
According to his belief, there is a surplus requirement of people who should work on codes and the technology is changing every now and then, the basics being vital. Moreover, people should concentrate more on how to break down a complex problem into a simpler one and work on the codes of the machines. There are lakhs of codes needed to run an operation in a machine, call it any field. He wants every new child to learn the analytical skill to code the machine to power the innovation economy rather than working with computers.
Machinists write computer programs, nurses analyze the electronic data and workers will also need to find out the crux of the problem and then provide the absolute resolution. The need for teaching computer science to students was encouraged as there were almost 22 states in the United States of America that did not allow computer science even for a diploma. For creating this opportunity, a campaign called “Computer Science for all” has been commenced so that many organizations can provide funding for this futuristic approach. Many teachers will be trained to provide pedagogy for the subject so that they can train students from a lower grade. To add to this, many tech companies like Google, Microsoft are also joining hands to provide the best approach for the campaign so that the USA could carry the legacy of being the best and the creators of computers, codes and opportunities for many.

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