The err of life – Me and her!

The virgin rays of the sun dying out behind the mountains. The birds flying south to feed their younger ones. Her eyes were heavy, swollen due to one of the age-old health problems most of them face. Her entire body was wrinkled in time, fighting for survival. Having her hands clamped near her chin, she is awestruck by the naive movements of her grandson. The swollen eyes shed a tear to witness such happiness. The eyes resemble still the same love and compassion; she gave to her son decades ago which is being imparted on her grandson. The golden grey dyed locks delineate she’s becoming old and enfeebled. The simple yet elegant golden earrings she wore made her more appealing and endearing. She never had to wear some gaudy jewels to show she is happy, rather the smile that she wore on her face, smiling like a Cheshire cat, was enough to quell anyone’s distress. The son is glad her mother is on cloud nine, but he can also imagine the hardships she is facing as she is about to bite the dust. He is digressing her mind by reciting stories of his life, moments of fun, laughter and surprises. He hugs his mother as tight as he could to show his care and compassion keeping her frozen in time. Written in her eyes are stories that can never be explained. She leaves her heart open, but it remains empty for days.

She tries to keep conversations where she could cope with the growing generation. And he knows she will be gone, gone someday. He tries to keep her knit with conversations of how he used to be bashed up by his mother on pestering everyone, which on exclaiming she pats his son’s back with care and gregariousness. She finds it difficult to get up off the seats, he holds her hand and bolsters her to get up. She is finding it difficult to make a step dragging herself, she loses momentum. Watching her struggle, he bites his lips in agony and despair. The hapless situations scare him by the thoughts of the last breath of her. He is still strong and robust to drive away those emotions. He knows it’s not easy to protect a withering flower, but he waters it every day. His nights are sleepless because of the thoughts of losing her. He makes the change and challenges time by devoting his entire time on her. He makes her feel better. He tries to put in the effort till she recovers and watches her take the breath easily thereby cheating death. The smile is just a masquerade to his sadness and he tries to convey that he is just fine. Some know something isn’t working good. He weeps throughout the nights; I think it pacifies his own inner self and gives hopes to fight the evils of tomorrow. However, time isn’t frozen, it still ticks nearing her entry to the pearly gates of life.

She literally counts her breath and smiles at her son, as she is portraying that her soul will be within him soon, safeguarding him from the lows and highs of life. He summons her name to confirm her presence, but there’s no antiphon. The pulse stops and the horizontal line shines brighter now, but he doesn’t shed a tear! There’s a thud, he gets up in shock, looks the clock it’s 4 a.m. He checks on his mother – she is traversing in her dreams. He locks the door and gulps few gallons of water and goes back to bed!

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