“I need good Music” – My heart said.

Sometimes words do not have the power to convey some feelings, they are limited in their scope. Our life is another story where we have moments of joy, agony, torment, surprise, and exhilaration. It’s all part of this fascinating play where every day you have to resemble a character and put your soul in it accordingly. During the day, there is a possibility that you are lost, sapped of energy, moments that force you to give up just because it’s not your cup of tea and very often people don’t value your efforts as you don’t give achieve the amount of success, thereby failing to meet the expectations of your own self.

In these hapless situations, you feel you want to shut yourself up in a room and just want to feel the darkness. You want some magical motivation to keep you going. You need the Red Bull for your life where you need to showcase your best of everything. When the misery of time knocks your door, you should be prepared to embrace it and be strong enough to reason yourself. Everyone has a mobile phone these days, which can create wonders for their lives. There is a time where the push is much needed than the leap. This push is mostly provided by songs or music that you play which influences you and makes you believe that you are the best amongst everyone. Everyone has that one song that describes one of the moods which personifies him the most. Be it a depressive mood you have a song that takes you to an alien world where it’s only you and the emotions. You cry out your shit there and get back to the real world with a light hearted soul.

Music is within you…… It’s all in your control

The mellifluous melody of the guitar strummed for its particular notes produce this music which drowns your soul into it and you rejuvenate yourself from all the antipathy towards your surroundings, your work, people around you. You have this track in your phone that binds your inner strength and tells your story of a struggle to yourself without any lyrics and you buck up against all odds fighting the pain which is temporary. The viola that illustrates the lows and highs of life, the key notes of piano that make you numb and nostalgic dragging you against the clock. You gravitate in the temporary trance and joy which revives you from the farragoes of this muddled life.

It’s just because of these magical tunes created by trendsetters and creative artists which they manifest by taking themselves to a completely different place that makes us define what it is to be a resolute lover for his own self – which brings you immense pleasure and then you have no qualms in life. He who loves his day will make others happy as well. One shouldn’t portray spiritual suicide by doing a work that you don’t love where he doesn’t enjoy the work either his environment. It reflects in his trait and communication.

Life is a journey where people will learn from them own self-experience. It isn’t necessary to do something which you never wished to. You decide for yourself. Instead, think of the things that you would provide you solace and innate peace to your soul and give some time for your relationships of family and friends because they are the ones who know you in and out and will be there for at the times where nobody else would provide aid. As I said, words don’t suffice to convey the exact meaning of the things which we feel within us. They have a limited scope of perspective.

Many artists like Beethoven, Ludovico Einaudi, Rachel, and many more have provided many splendid symphonies and melodies that will tune up your mind and soul and will provide the much-needed drive to keep you going.

Just listen to some of the tracks and just let me know how you felt in the comments section below.

  1. River Flows in You – Yiruma
  2.  Walk – Ludovico Einaudi
  3. Experience – Ludovico Einaudi
  4. Water from the same source – Rachel
  5. Braveheart – Luca Stricagnoli and J.Horner
  6. Story of my life – PianoGuys (Original score by One Direction)
  7.  A thousand years – PianoGuys ( Original score by Christina Perri)


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