Happiness is omnipresent!

Where can you find happiness?

Happiness is around us. We just need to find it by looking at the things that brings the unexpected smiles in our mundane journey where we lose track of the things that really brings joy and glee. We hardly forget these small moments of happiness and move on quickly as if we were bound by a deceptive world. I’m really thankful that I need to take this 27 km journey from my house to my workplace where these marvels of the day to day experiences brings happiness. Amongst them, I find people who are engrossed in their own world not bothered about the world around us. Other than these, there are kids who are pondering about the new world around them which they never explored.

Kids are the best adorable beings on the Earth because they create an atmosphere of smile and happiness by their naive and stupid acts. The amusement and shock on their face bring laughter. To cite a scenario, I was just watching a mother giving her child some behavioral advice. The child was hardly concerned and was being stubborn to act according to her mother as she was not allowing the kid to suck his fingers. After a slap and some fretful yells, the kid stopped putting his fingers in his mouth. Meanwhile, when the mother tried to cover her mouth as she was yawning, the kid started taking revenge of the slap by pinching her mom. It was really a funny thing to watch.


The ogling pretty eyes and how they see different things, watching the curiosity on them when they explore things are much more interesting to be explained. The first small steps they take, the efforts they put in to reach from one place to other, watching them trip over each step and the tenacity in them to reach brings tears of joy. Their concentration and focus on people around them and emulating them by talking gibberish on the mobile – God knows what are they talking about. The first syllable they try to speak being “da-da” or “ba-ba” and understanding their own names and responding to people in their own ways are all part of happiness provided by them. Kisses on them, for the gawking eyes, mean more than anything on this world. All the emotions depicted by them are worth more than a dime.

As they crawl to us, they expect us to be a free arm ride to new places and instruct us to take them to different places they wish. Their incessant needs which they fulfill by crying persistently and as they keep on biting us and try to pinch us with their wee fingers when their desires are left unfulfilled.

Their soft palms and their fluffy cheeks ever ready to be pulled, played and kissed by all. Being their savior when they try to perform fascinating breathtaking stunts like running away in public or trying assiduously to hold the television and giving a muddled look when somebody screams at them are all because of the naivety.

I always like to show the kids the mobile phone by switching on the front camera and pointing towards their face. They display “Wow I can see myself” feeling and try to make faces and look at me and break into laughter. Try to pester them more by showing them that I can touch my tongue to my nose tip… Poor soul, they try to imitate me and accept the defeat! I curve my eyebrows ensuring “Do you still want to give a try?”, they ignore me saying,” Forget it”.

The innocent watery eyes when mother yells at him/her for doing something which wasn’t to be done where he/she learns what would pester my mother. The bed wets and arm wets which they do freely, they do it on them whom they love the most – the arm riders, acceptable by everyone with a grim and laughter. The explorers, fanatics, dreamers, sometimes pestering yet adorable and cutest are the kids who make everyone happy not for a long time, but they do bring smiles on all of our tired workaholic faces filled with obligations and worries and be the reason for the smile.

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