HAARP – Is this the outbreak of the future war by humans?

We all have heard of preparedness methods of having a natural disaster. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Volcanic eruptions many more which are enlisted in the list of natural disasters. Ever heard of man-made technology controlling the weather? Or man-made technology that is too powerful enough to create patterns for natural disasters that can be imposed on any part of the world? Sounds creepy and daunting isn’t it? Or do you feel such a technology is too advanced to be executed?

The U.S Airforce, Navy have funded enormous amounts of money on a project named as HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). This project was initiated in 1992 for studying the ionosphere and its behavior as it is known to have supercharged atoms and electrons that surround the Earth.


Ionosphere stretches from 50km to more than 1000km. The ionosphere is ionized by solar radiation. It forms an important part in atmospheric electricity. One of the major components for the propagation of radio wave signals to different places in Earth.

The HAARP project is carried out in 35 acres of land in Gakona, southeast Alaska. Around 180 antennas are installed and linked together to operate as one giant antenna. Each antenna produces 10,000 watts. If you do the math, it says 3.6 million watts collectively. To compare this, an AM radio station emits 50,000 watts whereas a HAARP station emits 3.6 million watts of energy i.e. 72,000 AM radio stations which are concentrating onto a single point in the ionosphere. This creates a lot of disturbances in the ionosphere.


Whenever these signals are concentrated, unlike the radio waves which bump from the ionosphere which is used for propagation, these concentrated waves heat up the ionosphere. As they heat up there are alterations in the ionosphere and they become swollen as there is a constant bombardment of high pulse energy waves. These energy waves can be redirected to the surface of the Earth as a stretched rubber band which has high potential energy and they send out extremely low-frequency waves (ELF). These low-frequency waves can be used for a number of gruesome outcomes. Its consequences are catastrophic as described by many documentaries.

ELF waves are so powerful that they can create volcanoes, earthquakes, and strong cyclones. In short, weather can be controlled. An earthquake of 4.5 Richter scale was recorded by using one of these antennas in 1987 which was used by an Energy company to locate oil and gas. The process was called Earth Tomography. If you want to feel ELF waves, sit next to a woofer or keep your mobile on vibrator and keep it on your forehead. That’s the impact.

Examples of earthquakes in China, Afghanistan for consecutive years are conspired to be executed by HAARP and several others that have been already installed in different parts of the world. Hurricanes Katrina, earthquakes in Haiti and tornadoes in China are all possible examples of ELF waves. Tearing up the atmosphere and using nature as a weapon is something that seems intimidating in the years to come. Nobody would comprehend the source of the war.

Many countries like Russia, USA, China are already using this technology directly making deaf ears at the effects of the constant use of this technology. But Russia has been the architect for weather control technology and lead in this malicious technology by 5 years.

They can be used in taking down a jet fighter by directing these waves. They can block any electronic signals, thereby destroying all the electronic devices. Mass populations can also be controlled. Many experiments have been carried out on humans. Without the possibility of you hearing any noise, you would lose control of your mind. It’s viable because your nerves also function or deliver the messages of pain, happiness, anxiety by sending such low-frequency signals.  An entire nation can be gradually subjugated psychically by the means of long-term radiation using ELF-modulated centimeter waves.

By now we can see the repercussions of using these antennas that are functioning for a global destruction. Though the HAARP has been shut down but there are other locations where such advanced transmitting antennas are still operational which are slowly frying the ionosphere which is protecting us from the radiation of the sun. There are a lot of information you can come up with by searching for HAARP. Many supporting videos and documentaries have been provided as a proof, but none of them have been sound enough to back it up with statistics other than suppositions and beliefs.


YouTube videos for HAARP

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