“Is that a rain drop or a tear shed on your face?” – Chennai Floods.


I was aware of the rains in the southern part of India but was clueless about the intensity of the rains. The onset of nature’s spell in the Southern part of India (Tamil Nadu) started in the first week of November. The heavy rains still continue as if the cloud was burst open to shower incessantly, most people losing shelter in which they were residing for the last 20 years; all dilapidated in 24 hours of heavy downpour. Chennai had received three months’ rainfall in the month of November.

Karma hits you back – a cliché which says every good or bad thing you do has a certain repercussion. Nature showed its way of creating a balance between the life and death by creating this calamity. A way of neutralizing the damage that has been imposed on Mother Earth. Not being crude, several people have lost their houses and are they are taken to safe zones where the possibility of water rise is minimum. Chennai has hardly seen the dawn of sun in the month of November. Schools and offices are shut down, sleepless people being meticulous about the rising water, rescuing one another in hard times, with a feeling of gregariousness and giving shoulders to save human race was exhibited.

Man is never bound by religion, caste and creed in situations of life and death. Many people had come down dragging themselves in water logged roads as an aid for the rescue team to find people. “Without electricity and food, people were starving and some were sharing the supplies of food”, one of my friend who is working as a part of the rescue team in Pondicherry cited. People are scared as the government is planning to open the dams to reduce the level of the water. To add to this, the meteorological department have foreseen continuous rainfall for next 4 days. It seems as nature is taking vengeance for all the gruesome things which mankind has levied upon it. The death toll rises to 59 – please God enough of the reprisal. Innocent lives struggling to find safety without electricity, in the pitch black darkness surrounded by the rising waves overpowering the last tide – I can imagine the shuddering heart of a kid who is scared to take a move because he isn’t aware of the consequences. Some with broken bones limping in pain – who wishes to lose his breath in agony. Nobody does. Everyone is pushing hard day in and out to save their precious lives.

In the festive month of Diwali where the entire country is gripped by an aura of happiness and smiles, one part of India was busy protecting their houses by removing the water that had penetrated into the houses without any sign of warning. Please come together and help the needy by providing the help which we can. Indian Airforce, Navy and Army are striving rigorously to help people who are stuck in the floods. Food and clothes are required by the homeless. The government has released Rs. 940 crores for flood relief. Let’s join hands and be responsible for being a hero to someone and letting us save the human race.

A Facebook page `Chennai Rain Relief 2015’ was launched on Sunday calling out for contributions to relief efforts across the city. This initiative is the brainchild of Iyyappan Subramaniam and volunteers at the Arun Odayam trust. They are providing food to the needy. Volunteers who are willing to arrange the grocery or vegetables can contact Iyyappan on 9444915803.

If you are willing to provide some monetary help visit: https://www.worldvision.in/chennaifloods

KhalsaAid is also one of the leading humanitarian organization who are helping the affected ones.

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