The dissertation of the word “Hmmm…”

The word Hmmm… states a lot of things in life. It all started off with a moment of realization, a soul speaking the heart out – things you never wanted to believe, things that you never dreamt off in your wildest dreams, making you numb and make you think “Is it real?” The Hmmm creates a vibe of something which is a truth but is a fallacy of the things you feel is feasible. There are some things of truth that you fail to connect and believe. Yes, that’s how the way it is! We all have to go through a phase where we know it’s right – the whole world around is pointing us and saying it’s not right. This isn’t gonna work out. But we still go against all odds to prove everyone wrong. But life isn’t always a memorable walk, it’s not a mere cliche that “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.

The truth of life which wraps around the words of Hmm… and we ponder over it. And all we need is the ray of hope to change that Hmm into a string of words that you want the world to believe because according to you it is the truth – But hey! Do not make your heart feel go haywire just because it is happy in that fallacy about something.

The true fact is you feel sick and messed up with life. You don’t want to wake up just because the dream is a better place to keep yourself happy. It’s sometimes easier to make yourself inferior to others, you feel mercurial about being yourself. At a point you were the strongest armor and now you are an old, frigid broken arrow.

But we all find happiness eventually. Take a swim in the deep sea, feel the importance of your breath, which you take for granted, go for a road trip enjoy the unprecedented circuitous roads in life, meet new people and enjoy the wonders life puts on your table. It’s sometimes better to let go somethings, as people say “weed” out, yeah! Weed out from the core, just chuck it, makes life gossamer and easy to apprehend. Precious things aren’t achieved easily, that’s because you are still precious to yourself and someone you may never know. “Be precious”, I would say.

People aren’t worth the time, money, who put you in a gruesome situation. Rather be yourself and understand that your happiness lies in all things you love to do. Because love is eternal, it’s just love finds you as it did a while ago! Only a strong step was needed, but now you know that step wasn’t worth it. You are lost – Come out, breathe and sink yourself in what you wanted to achieve all out of it!

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