The new element in electronics – MEMRISTOR!

Ever imagined any device which is infinitesimal yet so powerful to revolutionize the technology? We had hardly heard of any new components in electronics other than resistors, inductors, capacitors, transistors and diodes. There hadn’t been any new technological breakthrough in the department of very large scale industries (VLSI) which involves manufacturing new components. Quite recently there has been a new improvement in the field of electronics and that is – MEMRISTOR! Yes you heard it pretty correct it’s the memristor which will supersede the use of most of the electronic components in the near future. All the modern gadgets right from the morning alarm clock in our mobile which we snooze to the To-do tasks on our laptop calendar and also to the bikes and the cars which we commute through has electronics in them which work efficiently to keep ourselves up to the mark every day.

The Memristor is one such electronic component which is a blend of memory and resistor. It does the same work resisting the electron supply between two ends of the circuit however it remembers the work which it had performed before switching the device off. It was originally initiated by Hewlett – Packard. The speciality of the memristor is its storage capability and the amount of electronic current it had passed through it, even if no current flows. It can work better than the Flash memory. Imagine the two natural states of a computer language which was either logic 1 or logic 0 can now be used to store a variety of numbers like logic 0, logic 1, logic 0.53345, and logic 0.52333 which makes the storage capacity of a memristor compact and powerful.

The memristor can be used to produce better functionality of the RAM, which can make it run faster because it knows what job is to be done. This might also improve the storage of the present devices like hard disk which will be as small as a USB drive with memory storage of 100TB in the near future. It performs all the work of a server, hard disk, a tablet, a laptop all in one together. The new component in real world can be less costly, consume less space, less energy consumption and also less complex. The speed of the data sensing can be around 10 Pica bytes in 250 nanoseconds. As the logic states are increased, the memristor will perform as a number of resistors. For e.g. if the voltage on a device is exceeded it blows up the components which will cost you because electronics is very exorbitant. Now imagine using a memristor and as a memristor can take different voltages, it won’t blow off rather it will perform as a different component – as the voltage changes the resistor value changes and so does the performance of the component.

Such an innovative technology will surely give a huge push to the industries which manufacture computers, mobiles and also different products where these small components will be used. We hope this changes the technology of electronics shortly and people enjoy the fruits of it at the earliest!

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