“Are you still lost?” – Asked the Conscious Brain.

Memories never die


Do memories exist?? Do they fade away as time paves way for the new beginnings? Why is it difficult to forget somethings that doesn’t last forever and things that are with us, which are ours are hard to remember? Are some people too ignorant to consider all the things as unimportant and keep it in their temporal lobe which is considered as the part which stores temporary data? Are we too workaholic to enjoy the basic shifts of life – to smile, eat healthy, stay fit, happy, make memories? Are some people too dumb who forget to cherish or remember the memories of their own blood? Or are we being too workaholic just thinking of living in the present to make a better tomorrow? Do you remember your victories or your failures – the time that was spent memorable or the time which you wish to be a better tomorrow? Do you still enjoy the first rainfall that you used to crazily enjoy by feeling the incessant drops on your minuscule cheeks and having an adrenaline of drowning in a swimming pool? Do you still enjoy the first crush or the first kiss? Or are you still lost in the ashes of time by throwing pebbles in the water?

The Son’s Gift


Do you remember the last time you slept on your mother’s lap and felt the comfort which wasn’t provided by the best couch in the world? Do you still keep the memories of your first smoke or the first boys’ bike ride enjoying the nightlife? Do you remember the first song that you played for your love or the gift that you gifted your parents from your first salary? Do you remember the happiness on your sibling’s face when you got them what they wanted? Do you remember the morsel of your dinner that your mother gave you when you were feeling sleepy or have you lost it all? Do you remember the cycle ride from your house to your school which your father used to take you when you were in school? Do you remember the birthday parties that your parents used to make it happen for you, surprise you by giving the best cake or do you remember the boozes and the dance floors? Do you miss the homemade food when you are struggling in your life by eating the hostel food being sleepless and completing the studies? Do you miss your brother’s brawling nature when you are now grown up? Will you be in anguish missing the best song which you thought should have been in your playlist because of some or the other reason it isn’t there at the moment?

Baby Ruby holding Leona's finger
The Grip

Do you remember the sleepless nights to complete a work and the desire you get once it’s fulfilled? Do you still remember any one’s faults, mistakes, fights, and scuffles? Do you remember the pain when the doctor pulls out your teeth and gives an ice-cream to relish? Did you feel the blissful moment when a baby tries to catch hold of your index finger and they give this look of achievement? Are you happy with the things happening around you or are you still mercurial and morose about your past or future? Things happening around you, either they try to make you or break you – it’s in our hands what we want to make out of it; still be stuck in the time that has given you pleasure, moments of despair and made you hysterical or forget it and try to be the best of us. Some memories will stay with us in bits and pieces but don’t worry even if you don’t remember the entire memory or the scenario – the fact that the memory is still prevalent is what makes the thought imperative and exultant. Some memories don’t leave us even if we try to obliterate it from us because those are the moments which will be lasting although you try to get it out. They aren’t the pieces of the puzzle which are making the picture incomplete but they’re the building blocks of chiseling a better person in you.

Tomorrow will be better 

Are you still lost in the memories – I wish you don’t because pain is inevitable so is survival for a better tomorrow. Buck up; brace yourself because there are things which are waiting for you which may bring you happiness and a feeling of prosperity and about the memories – just remember them whichever gives you gaiety and sends a jolt down your spine sometimes. Your temporal lobe in the brain will do the entire work of processing those memories and give space for new memories which might make you your life much more meaningful.

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