Travelling in the hustling traffic on the roads of Mumbai, car driving hasn’t been a pleasure or leisure of ride anymore. People have turned apathetic for driving because of the uncontrolled traffic and increasing rash and improper driving in and around the city. Breaking the rules and challenging lives just to be on time many press the wrong step on the accelerator. There have been mishaps of cars, bikes, trucks and fellow pedestrians run down by vehicles – sometimes leading to the death of innocent lives. The accidents cause clamorous crowds to gather around and block the roads, disrupt the moving traffic and people curse their misfortunes for the unexpected challenges.

According to World Health Organisation, around 1.24 million people die in car accidents and more than 50 million are injured. These are the numbers are reported, many of them which go unreported that might in huge numbers. The crux of all the accidents was found out to be the human errors – talking on the mobile phones, handling the pestering kids, breaking the traffic rules, drunken driving, day dreaming and losing consciousness during driving.

How can all these be avoided? How innocent lives can be saved? If drivers are removed will the accidents take place?  It can be avoided – DRIVERLESS VEHICLES. The new generation of vehicle manufacturing aim for a driverless functioning of the car which means it will be fully automatic and safe. The automatic driverless cars will be an artificial intelligence application which will involve sensors, GPS, cameras, complex scanners which will be transferred to a central data processing system that will make the needful changes in running the car according to the changing conditions on the road. Imagine a road filled with automatic driverless cars and all the cars are communicating with each other and reducing the unorganised traffic. Connected vehicles will inform other drivers about the conditions of the roads that will readily be transmitted.

Many people were allowed to take the prototype ride of the automated cars and share their experiences. Most of them were positive about the ride as they had were heedless about the driving experience and were much more comfortable because they were used to the mobile phones, while some chose safety and security which was provided by the driverless cars. But to some other people having the hands on the steering wheel was a passion and gave them a status to ride the vehicle. Well, we hope this small minority of the people will eventually shift towards considering safety over the time. But will it be introduced in our country is still a question mark, because UK and USA have already started working on this project of driverless vehicles and by 2030 this will be a success in terms of safety as well  as investment. The driver override system or brake override system will be launched by 2020 which will reduce the acceleration even though the driver is pressing the accelerator and the brakes together – one of the most important innovations in automobile technology. We keep our fingers crossed so that India can achieve good roadways and highly connected GPS systems that can provide real time traffic, the driverless cars thus can put up a remarkable performance.

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