Drone Pilots in need for the Future!

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Drone pilots will be in plethora in China, says the recent studies.

Drones have been a technological marvel for unmanned aerial vehicle. Nevertheless, the recent improvisations and amendments for a commercial purpose have necessitated a need of “Drone pilots” in China. You heard it right, “Drone Pilots.”

With the increasing number of drones for multifarious purposes, and the cost of these drones dwindling day by day with the surge in demand, there has been an alarming need for drone pilots. A number of near miss drone accidents have been reported in many parts of the world and to implement security and safety of the society, the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration has set up more than 40 training centres that provides a degree for drone pilots and also provides a certification of  “Commercially  Ready Drone Operator “ and a Section 333 Exemption.

If any drone enthusiast who does not have this license won’t be able to fly any drone that is heavier than 7kg, not fly above 12 metres and not more than 500 feet out of the pilot’s sight. And the cost of earning this license is a whooping amount of 12,500 USD. If you earn the same license from USA, it won’t cost you more than 3,000 USD. This course not only involves a practical training but also a theory exam which every candidate has to pass.

China’s CAA has estimated a need of 30,000 drone pilots till 2018 who will be employed, providing them an average salary of 30,000 – 40,000 USD. These pilots can work from delivery of goods, aerial photography for real estate, for environmental and agricultural research, sports and many more. The growing technology has also showing glimpses of employment opportunities which will be initiated in most of the countries – a sign of prosperity! So a new start for China and other countries, we hope to see a new vehicle on streets soon!

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