If you sow so shall you reap – is a perfect cliché which was demonstrated by Milind Soman – The Ironman of India. Proud to call him that way because that’s what he earned when he completed the Triathlon.

15 hours 19 minutes and 29 seconds wasn’t the efforts of the proud Indian model – actor, now a fitness paradigm, Milind Soman who recently clinched the world’s toughest adventure triathlon held in Zurich, Switzerland. Rather it was the rigorous and dedicated training of a humble,punctual, painstaking athlete Milind Soman who put himself out of his comfort zone along with his trainers since quite a few months.

The actor who is turning 50 years this November says he wanted to celebrate his 50th year by celebrating on his own success than on someone else’s success. What a splendid example set by the person who doesn’t needlessly have to give up on his lavish life to achieve something remarkable – to make it to the world’s most difficult competition that too at an age where people tend to give up more easily on their physical constraints. He really proved that age has no limits for any competition. It’s a nexus of your mind and body with the soul which really pulls it to the limits of your desires and commitment. He really showed the world that “Commitment begins with you.”


The triathlon wasn’t difficult as he had practised assiduously for the competition. His training began with a 15 km run on day 1 which was followed by a 21km run and a 2km swim on day 2.  While practicing for the same heavily, Milind completed the 12 km run in 58 minutes – applauds for him because that’s a serious nerve which was shown by the time taken by him in such a sort span of time. His intense training included squats, pull ups, burpees and squat jumps for toning his legs and his upper body for the humongous sport.

As the D-day neared, his training also aggravated and this improved his resistance and endurance to make it to the finish line within the stipulated time. Day 39 included 2 km swim, 5 km run, 30 minutes planks and mountain climbers. On Day 54, Milind started with two 5km circuits of the alpha league including about 120 squats and 100 push ups then another 8 km run followed by 101 km cycle and 1.8 km swim in the Thonnur Lake. Day 76 for him was a heck of a day as he continued his 140 km cycling. This did not end just with his hardcore training but it also included controlled diet wherein he had to take the required nutrients naturally for improving his stamina and muscle-building.

Milind Soman at lakme fashion week 2010

The humble actor explains it wasn’t difficult at all as he compared Ironman triathlon with the 1500 km run streak from New Delhi to Mumbai which was called the “Green Run” for environmental awareness in 2012.  How many people do you find on Earth who ratifies such gregariousness?

It all depends on how hard you want to push yourself. If the training is tough and if you have some luck with you can make the final level easy. It’s all in the mind. If you train well then your mind has control over your body. The body never gets tired unless the mind tells you to do so. And that tough stretch is what you train for. You train for when you’re tired. When you reach that last ten percent and that’s what you’ve trained for, then it’s a piece of cake.

So Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr, we have our own Ironman that too without the “Arc Reactor” with a real heart. We as a country are proud to have you Milind Soman. The macho, sexy, model-actor, Don Juan personality and a fitness enthusiast – we really are proud of your “Ironman” status that you achieved recently by completing the Ironman Triathlon – world’s toughest triathlon including 3.8km swim, 180.2km cycling and 42.2km run that too under 17 hours. To be accurate- 15 hours 19 minutes and 29 seconds.


It’s worth noting here, that he created his own training plan and says it is proof that Ironman status is achievable with just 12-13 hours a week. Thanks a lot for being an icon for the many talented Indians who will look upon you as a role model. I hope you set such goals and aspirations for our country ahead in future. Respect!


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