It is rightly said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

We live a life full of duties, responsibilities,work, tension, pleasing others and ourselves, family problems, personal problems and much more; the list goes on.

We hardly ever look around in search of happiness – where we live, work or study even. There are many things in our life which we tend to lose in the long run.

Some people enjoy partying on the weekends while some, by going on road trips. Some enjoy nature where they find their inner peace and rejuvenate themselves. Each of us have our own way of spending our leisure time.

Man has seldom appreciated his surrounding nature by looking deeper into it. There are many things he could relate to with his natural habitat.

Observation is the key to your prospect. That’s what made me write today’s article. I had an experience; in observing things more deeply and relating them to my life.

Everyone has problems and situations in which they find themselves stuck and want to get out of. Nature has given us so much and we can take live examples from her.

It was a Saturday evening and I was enjoying an unexpectedly declared holiday (due to the heavy rains which disrupted the transport of Mumbai).

I was sitting in my room watching the grey clouds travel across the sky, from my window, and I could see how eager they were to pour down onto Mother Earth, stating to us the need of rain and its responsibility, as everyone has their own.

Nobody can just quit and back out of their responsibilities and stay free. Such actions would oppose the sheer existence of mankind.

The rustling of the leaves – the friction between the air molecules and the leaves producing the particular sound that waxes or wanes depending upon the velocity of the wind could be heard – shows us that there are things in your life which can be achieved by efforts, pain, perseverance and all efforts won’t go in vain; rather they make you wise which can motivate us to do that particular thing; all you need is a push.


The birds drenched in the rain taking shelter below the window shed and drying themselves just making sure they don’t feel the chilling cold from the rain drops tells us the pain and hardships that we will have to face in completing our responsibility.

All they do for a living is just to thrive and survive. Their eyes all vigilant and cautious to find any threat and their wings all set for a flight whenever they sense danger which states our power and mental thought and willingness to fight for our existence and protect their community.

How beautifully He has planned and executed them. I could see them hopping across the railings just to find a warm place where they could dry themselves off. In the meantime securing their position and not allowing any other bird to take shelter – their fight and valor, brings a smile on our faces, which shows the security and safety of their place which is also common in our society.

I could also see the birds flying East – for a reason unknown, they could be traveling back home or even searching for a new shelter or just loitering around.

The raindrops fall mercilessly creating a lot of hustle and the water makes their way to fill the vacuum places on earth. The flower which bloomed in my flower pot – seeing her after a long time brought a smile on my face; hinting about the difficulties and efforts needed to be successful and happier what you’re actually meant for.

The thunder indicates the severity of the rainfall and the planes flying above them tells we can still fly high irrespective of the hindrances you have put ahead of us. The dusty books, the pages of which have turned yellowish from white, made me realize I haven’t read them for quite a while – I could relate them to my old friends and relatives with whom I have lost touch due to some personal goals. I will take me some time to get back in touch with them.

There are quite a number of things from which we can learn and adopt them to our everyday lives only if you have that attitude in yourself. There is life in all materialistic world as well.

The only thing needed is the vision through which we need to see, so that we can relate to them and get motivated and work through our day to day problems.


  1. Nature is the best teacher, but only if you are ready to learn. We might be considering ourself adults, but we should keep in mind that nature was here from the beginning. It has got solution for all the problems and mysteries in the world. All we need to do is to respect it and learn from it.

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    1. @alphaazad: Thats really true and its really great to see you here. Read your page “liveazad”. Looks good. Theme is great too. Going good. Expecting more from you.


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