Do you believe in afterlife? A majority of the human population would say yes, “Might be in an other form, perhaps”, without any solid proof. Do you believe in the presence of your late loved ones around you whenever you’re in need of them?  But wait, that’s not possible right? Yes it is!

Recently a study at the Havre University made this possible with a unique idea of having the presence of late loved ones with the help of a perfume. This started when a woman’s mother was unwilling to wash a pillow cover that her late husband once used as the fragrance made her reminiscent about her husband staying close to her at all times. This made the woman more zealous about finding new techniques of making this possible whenever a person felt nostalgic of their dead ones.

It was just recently that she put her idea before the North Western Havre University. They further ratified it by saying that this could be made possible by extracting the odour or fragrance and reconstructing it in the form of a perfume. The process has still been kept clandestine. But they did give an affirmation that it would not take more than 4 days to produce such a miracle.


On a personal note, I wish to say that sometimes we human beings make our thought process so stagnant at a particular catastrophe that we tend to defy what is true and what’s not. People sometimes are not ready to come out of a particular debacle which departed their loved ones from them. But time heals this pain and the absence of their beloved ones will be made up for with something better in life, which is mercurial.

Research and technology has taken us a step ahead of where we might have been a hundred years ago. They are surely making things for a better tomorrow, but helping in the reminiscence of the late ones really won’t help. Instead you would be triggering the idea of the need of the presence of those who aren’t actually with us anymore in our minds which would be a setback for us people, rather than helping us. In the long run people might even raise their expectations of having their departed ones around them in other forms just because the idea has galvanised them to ask for more.

On that note, i would like to put forward my point that research is necessary but not in a way that hampers the thinking process of us human beings. These mawkish things would culminate the progress rate as the adage rightly says “Expectations lead to disappointment.”

Such expectations would not just stunt the person mentally thereafter but it would also deny the person from achieving happiness from other things ever again.

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